Range 1 rules

Range 2 rules

Range 3 rules

Additional Rules for all 3 ranges



1. If someone is injured seek medical attention immediately - call 911 and      quote the civic location:  
“Highway 138, number 4395”  to report an INJURY, not a shooting.


2. The last person leaving the range is to close and lock the front gates. Individuals may lock the gate behind them for additional security while they are shooting alone at the range.

3. The gate code is not to be shared with non-members.


4. All members and guests must register in the range log book.

5. Non-members are required to fill out a range visit sheet and pay visitors fee if applicable.

6. Club identification should be worn at all times.

7. No person shall attend the range facility while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

8. Range hours are 9:00 a.m. to sunset, seven days a week.


9. The safety area is for firearm maintenance and to uncase, holster, and encase firearms by qualified individuals for approved disciplines.

10. No ammunition is allowed in the safety area.


11. At any time that two or more individuals are at the range for the purpose of organized shooting, one person shall be designated as the Range Officer.

12. Junior members must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, adult or designated range Safety Officer at all times while conducting shooting.

13. The Range Officer must be obeyed at all times while on the range.

14. No person shall be permitted forward of the firing line without the express permission of the Range Officer and only after a cease-fire has been called and all firearms have been declared safe. No shooter shall cross the red line to approach a shooting bench or handle a firearm during a cease-fire.

15. Any shooter who finds his/her firearm to be defective during a shooting exercise shall notify the Range Officer immediately.


16. Only targets approved by the club executive may be used. No glass targets allowed.

17. Target stands and holders must be placed at the base of the backstop, and targets fastened at a height such that bullets strike the backstop and not the range floor.

18. Approved metal targets shall be surrounded by wooden shrouds, and shall be engaged at a distance of 10 meters or more.

19. Use the proper steel targets - not all steel is the same.  Centre fire handguns will destroy targets intended for .22 rimfire firearms, and jacketed bullets will permanently damage cowboy action steel targets meant for lead bullets only.  The .17 HMR can damage most steel targets, and should only be used on paper targets.


20. Handgun calibre rifles, pistols, and revolvers may be used.

21. Muzzle loading rifles may be used.

22. Approved centre-fire rifle calibres may only be used on days approved by the club executive.

23. Shotguns for stationary target practice and sanctioned events may only be used on days approved by the club executive.


24. The red flag is to be posted when the range is active. No person shall go forward of the firing line while the red flag is posted.

25. The green flag is to be posted to indicate a ceasefire. No person shall handle a firearm when the green flag is posted.

26. Eye and ear protection shall be mandatory for all shooters and spectators in reasonable proximity of the shooting line.

27. In the event of a misfire, the shooter shall keep the muzzle of the firearm downrange for a period of 60 seconds prior to clearing the firearm.

28. Firearms must be pointed in a safe direction at all times.

39. Any shooter on the firing line must call a cease-fire at any time that he/she observes an unsafe condition.

30. Firearms must be proven safe before they leave your physical control.

31. It shall be the responsibility of each member and guest to ensure that all safety rules and procedures are adhered to at all times while on the range property.

32. Failure to follow any and all range rules may result in disciplinary measures, suspension of shooting privileges, or dismissal from the Club.

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