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The club has both Golf shirts and Tee shirts with the club logo on them and shoot happens on the back avaible. The Tee shirts are 20$ and the Golf shirts are 30$. They are avaible by contacting Rayco Team Sports in Cornwall – 400 Montreal Road, 613-938-4992.

The 100M rifle range has been aproved by the CFO for use. It was opend on Oct 1 for use by all members. Please follow all the posted rules.

The 25M x 25M action pistol shooting range has been approved by the CFO. A Grand opening for the new range was held on November 1.

Travelling to other clubs - The CFO has reminded us that in order to take your restricted firearms to any other range where you are not a member, you will need a “letter of invitation” from that club.

CHC Logo - Your hats, range bags, shirts, jackets, etc. can be customized with the CHC logo for around $4 at Rayco Team Sports in Cornwall – 400 Montreal Road, 613-938-4992
This is a reminder to check the expiry date on your PAL/POL!  Even if you only have long guns, you still need a valid license to possess firearms – this did not change with the dismantling of the long gun registry!