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The Cornwall Handgun Club is a ‘not-for-profit’ outdoor sport-shooting club located 10 KM north of Cornwall, Ontario.  The range property is owned by the club, inspected and approved by the Chief Firearms Office. This is a "private club" where members have year round access to the facilities, seven days a week from 9:00am to 9pm or sunset (whichever comes first).  The facilities open to non-members accompanied by a current member.  Some special events are open to visitors by invitation, as posted on the Upcoming_Events.

The Club currently has a 15 and 50 Meter range with a covered shoot house, a 25 Meter Action Shooting range and a 100 Meter Rifle range. Target shooters can enjoy shooting pistols and revolvers on the 15, 25 and 50 Meter ranges. Muzzle Loading rifles, handgun caliber rifles, high powered and restricted rifles are permitted on the 25, 50 and 100 Meter ranges. (High Powered Rifles and shotguns are Not permitted on Sundays)

Events such as .22 Caliber shoots, Club Level Action Shooting, IPSC, Club Level bulls-eye shooting, Cowboy Action Shooting, Mil-Shoots, and a black powder demonstration day are regularly scheduled throughout the year.

The Club provides supervised Hunter Sight in days, open to the general public and sposors Local Military Cadet events. See our Upcoming_Events.

New members receive an introduction to the Club and a Firearm Saftey course.. All information related to joining the club, including the application form and fees, can be found on the Want_to_Join

Our board of Directors for the Current Year 2017-2018

President: Bruce Caskenette president@cornwallhandgunclub.ca
Vice President: Stephen Gallinger viceprez@cornwallhandgunclub.ca
Membership: Debbie Bender membership@cornwallhandgunclub.ca
Treasurer: Chris Lauzon treasurer@cornwallhandgunclub.ca
Director: Dale Sturkenboom maintenance@cornwallhandgunclub.ca
Director: Bruce Overbury rangeop@cornwallhandgunclub.ca
Director: Pat Menard training@cornwallhandgunclub.ca
Director: Jim Winchester ipsc_rep@cornwallhandgunclub.ca

Please follow all Poster Range Rules when using this facility.

No firearms or ammunition are stored at the club.