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Mil Shoot

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Our military rifle match was held this past Saturday, March 28th, 2015. Eight shooters were in attendance. We were treated to a nice morning, with the sun shining and temperatures rising to a comfortable level. After the safety briefing and target scoring instructions, first shots were fired just after 10:00, with almost everyone leaving for lunch at 12:05. Acting as Range Safety Officers were Liam and Arnold. Thank you to these two gentlemen for running the relays, as it allowed me to participate. A thumbs up goes out to the participants for their efficient target changes and for making quick work of cleanup. Thanks go out to Guy and Stephen G for assisting in target stand prep, cutting my setup time in at least half.

Below are the results for the two classes. It should be noted both used the same targets. Highest possible score is 200.

Optical Sights

1 Arnold B 182
2 Stephen G 179
3 Pat M 169
4 Guy L 140
5 Al H 99

Open Sights

1 Pat M 158
2 Stephen G 151
3 Liam B 142
4 Stephen P 130
5 Chris L 98

Thank you to all who attended. I look forward to the next time.

P. Menard

Shooting Events Chairperson

Pictures may be viewed at:

MIL Shoot photos