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Wild Bunch Action Shoot Scores and Photots

September 20, 2014



Thanks for coming out to the match at Cornwall. We tried a few new things just for something different, so you might not see the same thing again. Everyone seemed to be having some fun, although I hear Stranger has a couple of '97's for sale cheap and one of them isn't even his. Four -fingers was ripping the place up and Luke was, well, 'Lucky'. Preachr & Sam got onto the .45's quick and Drover Ford was steady all day. Ruff Justice was seen all over the place with a threatening looking 1917 Browning but the Yanks wanted it back. Leather face was getting mad at the Mexicans and shot better the madder he got. Watch out for the Senoritas!
See you next time.

- Craigmont Hunter

Link to pictures

Rooster, can you please forward to Sonora Sam. He left town in a hurry without leaving a forwarding address!