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22 Shoot

March 5, 2017

Thank you to the 12 dedicated shooters who braved the cold weather for fun shooting on the reactive targets. The top shooters were:

.22 Rifle Iron Sights:
Luc Theoret 1st
Pat Menard 2nd
Bill Corrigan 3rd

.22 Rifle Optic Sights:
Pat Menard 1st
Luc Theoret 2nd
Gary Allison and Chris Lauzon tied for 3rd

.22 Handgun Iron Sights:
Pat Menard 1st
Luc Theoret 2nd
Bruce Caskenette 3rd

.22 Handgun Optic Sights:
Guy Lebel 1st
Debbie Bender 2nd
Garry Allison 3rd

A BIG thank you to all who helped with setting up, tearing down targets, etc.
Also thank you to Pat, Chris, Guy and Claudine for helping out with RO’ing and score keeping.

Luc Theoret
Events Coordinator