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22 Shoot

January 8, 2017

There were close to 30 dedicated shooters who came out to have fun shooting at the biathlon type reactive targets.
The top shooters are as follows:
.22 Rifle Iron Sights:
1st. Stephen Gallinger
2nd. Pat Menard
Tie for 3rd. Claude Poissant & Luc Theoret

.22 Rifle Optic Sights:
1st. Stephen Gallinger
2nd. Pat Menard
3rd. Luc Theoret

.22 Handgun Iron Sights:
1st. Arnold Brittain
Tie for 2nd. Brian Belanger & Stephen Gallinger

.22 Handgun Optic Sights:
1st. Luc Theoret
2nd. Bruce Caskenette
3rd. Dale Sturkenboom
(Thanks Dale for letting Bruce and I use your gunSmile)

Thank you to all the participants who endured the cold weather. We had members all the way from St-Eustache, Brockville and Otter Lake.
Also thank you to the people who were able to help out setting up and taking down targets.
A special thank you goes out to Pat for sending out the event reminders, bringing hot chocolate, ROing, etc. Also thank you to Stephen, Armand, Dale and others who helped out ROing and score keeping.

Luc Theoret
Events Coordinator